Privacy Policy

1- The privacy policy is based on the right of UniBorsa to collect several personal data and information about the client, while ensuring that the privacy of this information is fully and strictly confidential, and that it is used only in accordance with all the terms of the privacy policy listed on this website and mentioned in accordance with many points.

2- Type of personal information and data, UniBorsa needs some personal information of the customer such as full name, phone number, email address, date of birth, certified copy of civil identity card, passport, full residential address, country of residence and some information related to the client’s financial status such as bank accounts and credit cards.

3- The data that the company is interested in about the client is collected to display the management of your interests to keep up with the services provided by the company constantly and to keep up with the offers in addition to all marketing and advertising services to reach you easily on the company’s websites, trading platforms and phone applications by sending text messages, phone calls, alert notifications and reminders , while fully respecting the confidentiality of information.

4- UniBorsa maintains client information as soon as you visit this site for the purpose of following up on withdrawals, deposits, documents, Internet Protocol (IP) address, geographical location and website, the purpose of which is to facilitate the process of communicating with customers, provide the best quality services quickly and accurately, and see the best offers offered by UniBorsa for the client, and work to solve the problems that the client may face during account registration or to identify and update personal information and follow up on all financial movements, deposits and withdrawals.

5- When you sharing your personal information with the company or any other website, please keep all your personal information and data confidential and not reveal it to others or neglect to keep it and save it confidential. The company is not responsible for losing your personal data base and exposing it to disclosure by you.

6- All your information is securely stored electronically within a secure cloud that prevents anyone from accessing, viewing, modifying and using it in any legal or illegal form, and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safe handling of your information and personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

7- In the event that you face any kind of complaints and problems about any item within the privacy policy, please contact us.

8- Among the rights of the client is the requirement not to modify and process personal data and information for marketing and advertising purposes, as a request for approval will be sent before any action is taken, and the customer can exercise his right to refuse or agree to these purposes.